Hull i-Dositecno Vial Washers

For vial washing that eliminates particulates and eradicates microorganisms, look no further than our Hull i-Dositecno Vial Washers. Covering a wide range of production rates and small batch applications, you get clean vials using as little as 1 L/min WFI (Water-For-Injection), even at high throughput of up to 400 vials per minute.

  • No space too small – four models available including space saving options
  • Efficient and economical – reduced water usage 
  • Eliminate inadvertent particulates – no penetrating nozzles, no glass breakage, less particulate generation overall

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Effective cleaning is a crucial part of your cGMP and sterile production fill-finish processes. Traditional vial washers have many moving parts such as penetrating spray needles, chains, and moving rods, in the washing chamber, all of which may generate particulate matter. This can lead to contamination and ultimately false rejects – delaying production and costing you money.

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical Processing

With just two moving parts in the washing chamber, vials are washed without the washing needle entering the vial, thereby eliminating the risk of damage due to misaligned or bent washing needles. A servo drive and Human Machine Interface (HMI) ensures your workflow is efficient, precise and economical, using as little as 1 L/min WFI. And if space is at a premium then look no further. Our smallest vial washer, combined with a depyrogenation tunnel and filling/stoppering/capping unit, forms a complete aseptic filling line of less than 13 feet long! You get all of the benefits you might expect from Scientific Products, just in a smaller package.

With four options available, you can be sure there’s a Hull i-Dositecno Vial Washer to suit your needs:

  • RW-250 – small, portable, semi-automatic vial washer with low output washing, 2-100 mL glass or plastic vial range (change parts required) and typical batch size of 1,000-15,000 vials
  • RW-500 – the smallest automatic vial washer for low-to-medium output, 1–100 mL vial range (change parts required) and typical batch size of 10,000-35,000 vials
  • RW-800 – medium speed automatic vial washer with high output washing, 2–500 mL vial range (change parts required) and typical batch size of 10,000-80,000 vials
  • RW-1150 – a high speed automatic vial washer, 2–500 mL vial range (change parts required) and a typical batch size of 24,000-150,000 vials

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Dependable and effective washing – guaranteed reduction of particles by 1000 times 
  • Versatility guaranteed – models for laboratory as well as high-speed production applications 
  • Highly efficient and economical to run – simple servo-driven operation with fewer moving parts minimizes the need for maintenance while dedicated recipes reduce water usage
  • Extremely flexible – easy and quick change between different sizes of glass or plastic vials