Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment

High-quality biopharma equipment designed to streamline your manufacturing workflows and optimize pharmaceutical production.

Complete Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Solutions From Start to Finish

At SP Industries, we understand that compliance and quality is important to you – it’s important to us too. That’s why we supply advanced, high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to help you cope with the increased manufacturing and regulatory demands of fill-finish and aseptic processing.  As a trusted supplier that constantly strives for superior service and quality, we pride ourselves on serving each customer to the best of our abilities. Each of our manufacturing facilities is ISO 9001:2015 rated and we are well versed in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP5), 21CFR Part 11, electronic signatures and ASME standards.

Building on decades of experience supporting the global biopharmaceutical industry, our fill-finish solutions ensure your finished product is of the highest quality, while minimizing waste, and maximizing safety. Enabling you get your highly valuable product to market in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Our world-class engineering and technologies don’t just meet your expectations, they exceed them.

Our pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment is designed with the end-point in mind. With automated solutions that offer more hands-off time, you can speed up production and eliminate variability for enhanced production and profitability.

We’re on the journey with you to get your product to market faster – from initial consultation, installation and set-up through to ongoing maintenance and support.

With applications that include:

  • Injectables Manufacturing
  • Ophthalmic Manufacturing
  • Formulation Development

Trust in SP to be your single source aseptic processing equipment partner – to get you to market faster.

From vial washers, depyrogenation tunnels, filling, stoppering and capping equipment, loading and unloading systems, lyophilizers, tray loading systems, and full-line solutions that can be configured to suit your needs – we’ve got exactly what you need. Sterile fill-finish remains one of the most critical processes in your biopharmaceutical manufacturing workflow. Our customer-orientated team is also here to help you ensuring you make the right fill-finish equipment choice for your application. Explore our full fill-finish equipment range here.


SP Hull LyoConstellation S10/S20/S30 Pilot Lyophilizers

SP Hull LyoConstellation™ S10/S20/S30 Pilot Lyophilizers – a s…


SP Hull LyoConstellation S80/S100/S130 Production Lyophilizers

SP Hull LyoConstellation™ S80/S100/S130 Production Lyophilizer


SP Hull LyoStar 4.0 R&D/Process Development Freeze Dryer

SP Hull LyoStar® 4.0 R&D and Process Development Freeze …

SP i-Dositecno Versa-Line Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment

SP i-Dositecno LI Versa-Line™ Pharmaceutical Filling Equipment

SP i-Dositecno Micro-Line Vial Filling Lines

SP i-Dositecno BI or MI Micro-Line™ Vial Filling Line

Flex-Line Robotic Filler

ATS Life Sciences Group Flex-Line™ Robotic Filler

Line of Sight™ PAT Tools

LyoFlux® 200 TDLAS Sensors

Let the data guide you! Measure water vapor mass flow with acc…

SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology

No hesitation – get instant feedback on important product data…

Tempris® Wireless Sensors

Advanced wireless temperature monitoring for the highest quali…

ControLyo® Nucleation Technology

Take control of your freeze-drying with our cutting-edge nucle…

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