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Aseptic Fill Finish

Filling, stoppering and capping equipment for every application with Hull i-Dositecno


Advanced lyophilization technologies that you can rely on with Virtis and Hull i-Dositecno

Lyo Renewal & Sales

We rebuild, refurbish and resell lyophilizers – for cost-effective solutions you can rely on

Stability Testing Applications

Over 100 Years of Expertise in Controlled Testing Environments with Hotpack

Laboratory Glassware Washers

Streamline your workflow and increase efficiency with our robust and economical Hotpack laboratory glassware washers

Thermal Management Solutions

Low-temperature technologies that you can rely on with FTS

Evaporation & Concentration Equipment

Meet all your sample evaporation needs and protect samples throughout the evaporation process with Genevac

Equipment Service Support

Maximize uptime, improve productivity, and increase the longevity of your investments with our Service Support

Remote Lyophilization Training

Interactive and focused lyophilization equipment training in the most convenient and cost-efficient way for you and your colleagues

Hands-On Training Registration

Focus on following the freeze-drying process from formulation and thermal analysis to cycle development and optimization, packaging and troubleshooting

Freeze Dryer Training Registration

Freeze Dryer Operations & Maintenance Training

Custom OEM Glass

Leveraging skilled craftsmanship and modern manufacturing practices certified to ISO 9001:2015