Wilmad LabGlass

Precision glass manufacturing for the scientific community

Over 85 Years of Scientific Glass Experience

SP Wilmad-LabGlass brand has world class glassblowers that are skilled in manufacturing essential scientific glassware lines. These include Wilmad NMR & EPR tubes, ProCulture® cell culture glassware, standard chemistry glassware, and custom glass fabrication. In addition, SP Wilmad-LabGlass offers rotary evaporators, custom glass reactors, OEM manufacturing of glass parts, and glass repair services.

Laboratory Glassware

SP Wilmad-LabGlass carries a large selection of hand crafted Laboratory Glass made in the U.S.A. This includes common glassware items like flasks, beakers, cylinders, funnels, burets, and pipettes. We also carry more complex glassware for applications such as distillation, extraction, ASTM, chromotography, cell culture and much more.

NMR Tubes and Accessories

Wilmad NMR tubes have been the industry standard for the better part of a century. This is because of the care and detail we put into crafting each of our tubes. Such as our Precision , Economy, Solid State and Pressure NMR tubes.

EPR Tubes and Accessories

Wilmad EPR tubes are crafted from high quality Quartz and Suprasil to ensure a clear spectrum. Specialty tubes are also available including EPR Dewars, Flat Cells, a large array of L-Band, X-Band, and S-band tubes.

Distillation & Extraction

Soxhlet extractors, boiling flasks made in the USA of high quality borosilicate glass


Shaker Flasks & Spinner Flasks for cell culture experiments

Quartz / Suprasil NMR Tubes

High precision NMR tubes with a robust thermal expansion rate

Custom OEM Glass Manufacturing

SP Wilmad-LabGlass leads the industry in glass engineering expertise and has been a trusted partner for OEM glass production for over 85 years.

Tight Tolerances?
Specialized Materials?
We Have The Expertise.

Whatever your custom glass needs, contact SP at the outset of your design process. Our glass experts can assist with design and prototyping of glass parts from initial design to commercial launch.

New & Top Selling Products Catalog

Just released. Our latest catalog featuring new and top selling labware, glassware, and life science benchtop equipment from the SP family of brands.

International Distributors

For customers located outside the U.S.A. a list of distribution partners near you is available

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