Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas Inventor Program

All scientific and healthcare products begin as a bright idea! 

Have you ever had an idea or invention that you think fills a real need in the market? Or are you already an established inventor looking for a new partner. It might be time to make your vision a reality – and we can help!

The Bright Ideas Inventor program is all about helping you turn your great idea into a fully marketable product for the research, laboratory or home healthcare/rehabilitation sectors. Whether your idea is fully developed or in the early stages of conceptualization, our highly skilled SP engineers, portfolio managers and production specialists can help you progress with access to our worldwide market! And, did we mention our successful history of collaborating with investors who have earned royalties in the process? SP customer favorites that came about thanks to collaboration include:

  • SP Bel-Art Spindrive® and ProCulture® Orbital Platforms (Cat. No. 37041-0000 and 37041-0001) – U.S. Patent No. 5,409,312
  • SP Bel-Art Flowmi® Cell Strainers (Cat. No. 13680-0040 and 13680-0070)
  • SP Ableware Elevated Toilet Seat (Cat No. F72571-1000), Pat No. 5,251,338
  • SP Ableware DLOTCA Battery Cognitive Assessment (Cat No. 71826-2000)

So, what are you waiting for? Submit your bright idea today!

Submitting Your Bright Idea

Submitting your bright idea with SP couldn’t be easier! Are you ready? First up, check your product matches our expertise. We specialize in products serving the laboratory community and home healthcare/rehabilitation sectors, so your idea will need to fit these markets. This includes products in the following categories:

  • Labware & Glassware
  • Lab Safety & Benchtop Equipment
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments and Aids for Daily Living 

Next, simply fill out the short submission form below being careful not to divulge any proprietary information at this stage!

Hearing Back from SP

We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible, usually within two weeks, to let you know if we think your product idea would make a good fit! If successful, a portfolio manager will be assigned to your idea and we can get started. During the process, you can expect:

  • A non-disclosure form – to protect any intellectual property rights
  • A royalty agreement – if our evaluation manufacturability and marketability is positive
  • And the exciting stuff – including refinement and development of your product followed by manufacture and launch!

Ready to go? We can’t wait to hear about your Bright Idea!