Remote Lyophilization Training Program

SP offers a popular seven-module Remote Lyophilization Training package utilizing Microsoft Teams designed to deliver interactive and focused lyophilization equipment training in the most convenient and cost-efficient way for you and your colleagues. With such a tailored program, you and your team can have questions addressed in a timely and personalized manner with our expert and experienced trainers.

Best practices are introduced based on latest industry knowledge and real-life case studies to enhance you and your team’s expertise. Programs can be structured in segments and scheduled to suit workplace schedules and geographic location. 

Lyophilization Cycle Development & Optimization

Hands-On Training Course

SPRING SESSION: May 21-24th, 2024

Presented by Dr. Jeff Schwegman, this laboratory based Hands-On Laboratory Training approach will focus on following the freeze-drying process from formulation and thermal analysis to cycle development and optimization, packaging and troubleshooting. Attendees will have the chance to optimize their learning experience by using tangible applications in a controlled setting.

Course Objectives At-A-Glance:

  • Cycle development initial optimization
  • Formulation considerations and characterization
  • Utilizing differential scanning
  • Calorimetry and freeze-drying microscopy in the development of the cycle
  • Creating and running the freeze-drying cycle based on data obtained by analysis
  • Troubleshooting problematic cycles
  • Considerations for transferring freeze-drying cycles from one lyophilizer to another
  • Vial headspace analysis

Grateful Thanks to Our Co-Sponsors of this Course:

Biopharma Technology
Labyrinth BioPharma
Lighthouse Instruments
Lyophilization Technologies, Inc.
Physical Sciences Inc
Mettler Toledo
Tempris GmbH
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Production Freeze Dryer Systems Training

Freeze Dryer Operations & Maintenance Training

Benefit from lyophilization training at every level from our SP experts on-site at our Warminster, Pennsylvania headquarters. We recognize the investment you have made purchasing and installing our freeze-drying systems and these training programs will help you maximize the return on your lyophilization equipment by ensuring personnel are fully trained in their operation and maintenance. 

Each training option is a three-day program and fees include in-person training, course manuals, lunch and beverages. In order to maintain the high quality of our practical training workshops, places are however limited.

Current training options available:

  • Fundamental I Workshop – Basic Freeze Dryer Operation & Maintenance
  • Fundamental II Workshop – Advanced Freeze Dryer Operation & Maintenance
  • Diagnostic Workshop – Understanding Methodology