Hull i-Dositecno Depyrogenation Tunnels

Set it and forget it with our range of fully automated sterilization and depyrogenation tunnels – the most efficient way to eliminate recontamination. 

With production speeds in excess of 700 vials per minute, and the flexibility to process vials in a variety of sizes, what more could you need? 

  • A solution for every need – five models available
  • Ideal for containment and sterility
  • Fully compliant with manufacturing regulations including cGMP

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At ATS Scientific Products, we understand the pain points when it comes to always keeping your vials free from contamination. Because patient safety is essential to you, and that means it’s essential to us too. Depyrogenation can be filled with recontamination risks without access to the right equipment. Forget traditional batch ovens where vials are manually transported from the oven to the filling line, increasing the risk of contamination. Our trusted deypyrogenation solutions take you from vial washer, via a sanitary conveyor to depyrogenation tunnel, right through to cleanroom in fewer than 30 minutes – and without operator intervention – eliminating all known microbes and pyrogens, such as lipopolysaccharide (LPS).

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical Processing

All our depyrogenation tunnels operate at a standard temperature of 320°C, meaning pyrogens are reduced to undetectable levels in less than one minute!

  • 9.5 s for a 1-log reduction
  • 38 s for a 4-log reduction
  • 57 s for a 6-log reduction 

With five models available and help from our subject matter experts and dedicated engineers, you can be sure there’s a depyrogenation tunnel to meet your exact needs.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Highly effective sterilization – guaranteed thermic cycle regardless of pressure fluctuations
  • Requires no human intervention – eliminating any recontamination
  • Efficient automatic sterilization – fully automatic, continuous aseptic processing offers increased efficiency for batch processing
  • Meets all manufacturing requirements – modules available for small and large batch sizes
  • Maximum control, high reliability – heat is generated by silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) heating elements and recirculated hot air is blown at a speed of approximately 0.7 m/s over the vials and remains within 2°C of its setpoint
  • Ultimate protection – vials stay inside the sterilizing/depyrogenation chamber for approximately 6-10 min
  • Quickly adapts to your needs – no format parts are required
  • Complete segmentation for unmatched sterility – chambers of the tunnel are separated by gates and height is automatically set by the PLC
  • Guaranteed quality – dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) testing of each chamber’s HEPA filter ensures they remain leak-free