Custom OEM Glass Manufacturing

Tight tolerances? Detailed specifications? Specialized materials?

Whether you need a custom glass part for an instrument, precision glass tubing, or electronic components with glass-to-metal seals, contact SP Wilmad-Labglass at the outset of your design process. Our glass experts can assist with design and prototyping of glass parts from initial design to commercial launch. To start the conversation, click our Request a Quote form.

Custom Glass Blowing

Our skilled glassblowers can shape nearly anything, either free hand or on lathes. Several fabrication and finishing options available.

Precision Grinding

The grinding processes both concentric and centerless can be performed to precision tight tolerances. Includes end finishing.

Precision Glass Tubing

Capillary, round, multi-bore, rectangular & square tubing with tight control over I.D., O.D., length, and perpendicularity tolerances.

Custom OEM Glass Manufacturing

SP Wilmad-LabGlass leads the industry in glass engineering expertise and has been a trusted partner for OEM glass production for over 85 years.

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