FTS FlexiCool™ Immersion Cooler

Keep your cool with the FTS FlexiCool™ – an immersion cooler ready to be configured to meet your exact application with one of three standard coils. Available with a maximum low temperature of -50 °C or -100 °C, the FTS FlexiCool features:

  • Compact benchtop design meaning you save precious space
  • Mechanical refrigeration – no expensive and volatile refrigerants
  • Compatible with many OEM applications
  •  Complete control no matter where you are! RS485 interface allows for programming from a remote location.

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Refrigerate right where you need it with the FTS FlexiCool Immersion Cooler. With direct expansion of refrigerant in the immersion probes, your refrigeration is tailored to meet your exact requirements. The choice of three standard probe configurations facilitates temperatures of -50°C or -100°C, while Low GWP (global warming potential) refrigerants ensure your lab stays eco-friendly.

Application Examples

  • OEM for Instrumentation and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Vapor Trapping
  • Parylene Coating
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Instrument or Equipment Cooling

Still need more from your device? We’ve got you covered with our optional communication kit that permits complete control of the FTS FlexiCool from a PC including data logging and plug & play operation, as well as a 64-segment ramp soak program. What’s not to love?

Additional Details

  • Refrigeration at the right place and the right time. Direct expansion of refrigerant in probe creates temperatures of -50°C or -100°C at the probe
  • Not all probes are equal – tailor the device to your application with a choice of three standard probe configurations
  • RS485 interface allows for programming and/or control from a remote location
  • Eliminates costs and hazards associated with expendable refrigerants (dry ice or liquid nitrogen)
  • External resistance temperature detector (RTD) allows for accurate process control for precise and reproducible results

Accessories & Consumables

To configure a unit to fit your requirements, please contact SP