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Mammalian Cell Culture Made Easy

Studying mammalian cells in vitro has advanced our understanding of cell structure and function. However, growing mammalian cells is technically more challenging than bacterial cell cultures and therefore using the right tools can make a difference.

Mammalian Cell Culture Made Easier

Thawing cells for culturing can be tricky with a high risk of cell death. The use of a floating bubble rack placed inside a water bath allows the tubes to gradually thaw in a secure environment. The cells can then be incubated either in a temperature-controlled incubator or on a ProCulture® Orbital shaker platform converted from a stirring plate. When you need to passage the cells, a self-contained aspirator pump is ideal and practical when a house vacuum is not available and can be quickly cleaned and autoclaved. The cells can then be counted and harvested before being stored in specific ProCulture® cryogenic storage boxes in liquid nitrogen. Organization of your cells at various stages can be made more efficient and reduce contamination risk with a range of different sized racks that hold your tubes or flasks securely in a vertical position and are also autoclavable.

Whenever you want to grow mammalian cells, we have a range of tools that will ensure efficient and contamination-free processing of your cells, from isolation to harvesting for future use.