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Better Tools for Successful PCR Prep

Preparing for a successful PCR experiment requires optimal samples, reagents, and reaction protocols but having the correct tools to prepare your PCR experiment can also improve the outcome of the reaction and increase the reliability of your results. These tools can provide you with better sanitation of the working environment, efficient thawing and mixing of samples and reagents, precise, accurate and reliable repetitive pipetting of reagents and samples, and improved storage conditions.

From storage of your samples and reagents to thawing, mixing, and processing them, the SP Bel-Art portfolio of products can help you achieve successful and reliable PCR results every time. For example, the use of LabMatTM bench liners can absorb and contain spills quickly, and wide-mouthed and trigger spray wash bottles can be used with bleach solution to decontaminate benches. For precise, accurate and reliable dispensing of samples into a PCR prep, you can use a repeating pipettor, such as the Roxy M™ Repeating Pipettor and pipette into Magic Touch ice buckets and tube racks that can keep samples and reagents at stable temperatures throughout the process.

PCR Prep Made Easier