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Mix Up Your Application with Magnetic Stirring Bars

Thorough mixing of components of any assay require balanced and efficient stirring with appropriate disruption. Find out more on how our magnetic stirring bars can fit with your application.

Mix Up Your Application with Magnetic Stirring Bars

No matter what your application, routine stirring is likely a necessity. The size and shape of the magnetic stirring bars, and the material to be mixed will all determine your choice of product.

For large scale production industry, large volume magnetic stirrers that can hold up to 220kg, or giant polygon stirrers with a multi-faceted surface will help you achieve reliable mixing. However, if you are looking for mixing components on a smaller scale, like for media preparation or synthetic chemistry applications, then using smaller stirrers with either an octagon or elliptical shape will increase the surface area and add turbulence. When you are trying to mix a highly viscous solution, it might also be worth considering a Spinwedge® magnetic stirring bar that can provide strong turbulence at low speeds. You can use this stirring bar in the field to churn sediment, along with a battery powered magnetic stirrer and a sample splitter, facilitating the collection and processing of any sample in the environment before returning to the lab. For your protein analysis assays, the Spinbar capsule contains a stirring bar preventing it spinning off center and damaging developing gels or pH equipment inside the tanks.

Whatever your application, we have a stirring bar to suit your needs.