Hotpack SpaceSaver™ Glassware Washers

The only way is up! Get maximum impact with minimal disruption with our Vertical SpaceSaver™ Glassware Washers – for superior cleaning in a small footprint.

  • Space saving – up to 33% smaller footprint than washers of similar capacity
  • Versatile – up to four loading levels in two independently-controlled chambers
  • Optimal cleaning – temperature selection to 70 ºC (158 ºF)
  • Energy efficient – high efficiency water management system

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Finding a glassware washer that can meet the demands of your laboratory while taking up minimal space can be a time-consuming task. Hotpack Vertical SpaceSaver Glassware Washers are designed for peak performance – with extensive capacity and unrivalled flexibility.

Offering single- and double-washing chamber models and up to four loading levels in two independently microprocessor-controlled chambers – each with two open racks – our glassware washers can be customized to meet your specific requirements. All SpaceSaver models are also supplied with mounting feet and wheels for easy installation.

Application Examples

  • Glassware Washing – Media Kitchens, Clinical labs, Pharma, Biotech & Industrial Research Labs, Cannabis based/working with oils application

And, when you’re investing in us, you’re investing in longevity thanks to superior engineering using premium stainless steel for attractive, flexible durability.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Soft touch digital controls
  • Superior performance – improved drying helps to prevent impurities/contamination
  • Quiet operation – quieter runs thanks to noise buffering insulation
  • Convenient – uses existing racks and accessories, saving you money and time
  • Flexible – a wide range of accessories includes spindle racks for narrow neck flasks like Erlenmeyer flasks, baskets, and inserts to accommodate specific laboratory glassware configurations
  • Independent microprocessor controls for maximum throughput