SMART™ Freeze Dryer Technology

If you’re looking to optimize your lyophilization process and want to avoid the haphazard trial-and-error approach required by standard freeze-drying technologies, SMART™ technology is here to help you get there faster! 

 SMART Freeze Dryer technology offers:

  • Access to previously unattainable data such as such product resistance, heat flow and mass transfer
  • Simplified transfer of freeze-drying cycles to your production freeze dryer
  • Intuitive interface – just set-up and go

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Developed by leading lyophilization scientists at the University of Connecticut and Purdue University, the SMART Freeze Dryer Technology eliminates the trial-and-error approach normally involved in developing and optimizing new lyophilization cycles while maximizing product quality and efficiency – for a greater return on your investment. Because we understand that knowledge is power, our innovative SMART technology includes patented Manometric Temperature Measurement (MTM) allowing you to determine cake resistance, product temperature, and other critical parameters at the ice interface.

Application Examples

  • Laboratory R&D and/or small production freeze-drying
  • Process development with intent to move process to clinical size freeze dryer
  • Serum bottles and vials

And, if you’re looking to run your own pre-determined cycle but still want to collect the critical process data and product parameters calculated by SMART, our innovative AutoMTM feature helps you do so. Whether you’re a lyophilization expert or a freeze-drying novice, SMART can help you to develop new cycles quickly and with ease, giving instant feedback on important product data.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • More walk-away time. Automate and minimize freeze-drying cycle development time so you can invest more time looking into formulation strategies to maximize product effectiveness
  • Learn more! Understand more about your product and the obstacles and opportunities in its lyophilization cycle development
  • Achieve more return for your investment. Increase ROI with greater throughput and optimized cycles
  • Work more efficiently. Condenser coil configuration helps maximize condenser efficiency for superior operational performance, economical energy usage, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Options for cleanroom configurations, with 21 CFR Part 11 package available as an added extra