Laboratory Glassware Washers

Streamline your workflow and increase efficiency with our robust and economical laboratory glassware washers.

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Building on SP Hotpack’s reputation for quality and reliability, our professional, affordable laboratory glassware washers are engineered to deliver years of energy efficient, dependable performance – outperforming many other glassware washers for long-lasting customer satisfaction. Whatever the glassware you need to clean, whatever the capacity. we have a solution to help. Our easy-to-use washers are suitable for flasks, beakers, test tubes, bottles, petri dishes, and more. And with options for undercounter, and vertical stack, our solutions can accommodate a wide range of washing requirements, even when space is at a premium. The spindle-ready models can accommodate direct injection spindle racks making them the ideal solution for cleaning of narrow-neck glassware.

We understand that the demands of your laboratory may change over time. That’s why loading and operation flexibility comes as standard with SP Hotpack glassware washers, which can accommodate a wide range of specialty baskets that fit into upper and lower racks. And all of our glassware washers are fully compatible with previous generations of SP Hotpack washer racks and accessories – safeguarding your investment over time.

With a simple front-loading design manufactured using insulated premium stainless steel, you can rest assured that all of our laboratory glassware washers are protected against corrosion while maintaining a superior cosmetic appearance.

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