The Latest Addition to the EZ-2 4.0 Benchtop Evaporator Range

ATS Life Sciences Genevac is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal evaporators for research-based applications, specializing in drying multiple samples at once during the sample preparation step. Because the safety of our customer’s samples is our focus, we design our evaporators with innovative features and technologies as standard to ensure peace of mind.

Until now, all Genevac evaporators have relied upon manual operation to open the lid, load samples, close the lid, and select the appropriate method prior to pressing start. Recent trends indicate a growing interest in automating sample preparation workflows with robotic operation. This innovation eliminates bottlenecks in workflows and enables acceleration of ongoing research of novel modalities in small molecule drug discovery.

Introducing: Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Bionic

We have partnered with a prominent pharmaceutical company to automate the EZ-2 4.0 Elite model with HCl compatibility and Inert Gas Purge options. The NEW EZ-2 4.0 Bionic comes equipped with all the iconic features of the standard EZ-2, but improved and optimized for automated operation.

Automation streamlines the most repetitive steps of the sample preparation process, empowering scientists with more time to concentrate on breakthroughs that redefine novel modality workflows. Robotic operation reduces risk of human error for consistent and reliable delivery of all sample runs. EZ-2 4.0 Bionic is also designed to allow for 24/7 remote operation, accelerating development of much-needed small molecule drugs for undruggable diseases.

New Features & Benefits

NEW Automated Lid Optimized for Robotic Operation

On standard models, the lid is manually operated and samples are loaded and unloaded by hand. The Bionic model is equipped with an actuator and controlled by software that automatically opens & closes the lid, with a wider opening that allows for robotic loading and unloading of samples.

NEW Indexed Rotor

The AC motor in standard models spins freely for manual loading of samples. The Bionic model includes an indexed rotor which is programmed to stop at fixed positions for precision loading and unloading during robotic operation.

NEW Command Set

A new command set enables automation controls to operate the complete machine through the RS232 port. All functions will be triggered through these commands, including opening and closing the lid, starting and stopping the evaporator, defrosting and draining, selecting a method, and more.

NEW Automation-Friendly Sample Holders

The redesigned sample holders on the Bionic model are optimized for robotic operation, ensuring a secure grip for safe loading and unloading.

Other Features

Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Bionic comes equipped with the reliable features and technologies you already trust in our standard models:

•Dri-Pure® Anti-Bumping Technology

•Sample Temperature Control

•Auto Stop

•Auto Defrost & Drain (AD&D)

•Compatibility with High Boiling Point Solvents

•HCL Compatible

•IGP option

•High Power Lamp

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