Tempris® Wireless Sensors

Forget time-consuming traditional temperature measurement approaches and get lyophilization accuracy and efficiency with Tempris® Wireless Sensors – your trusted process analytical technology.

  • Consistent data – wireless and battery-free technology can be applied to all scales of freeze dryers – from development to scale-up
  • Compatible with automatic loading systems – unlike traditional wired systems
  • Easy installation – Tempris Wireless Sensors are easily positioned after pre-sterilization saving you time and money

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Developed in collaboration with leading pharmaceutical companies and universities in Europe and the United States, the Tempris® Wireless Sensors are here to meet the increasing demand for accurate product temperature measurements and to advance your existing lyophilization workflow with cutting-edge process analytical technologies. Our Tempris® Wireless Sensors offer:

Application Examples

  • Drug Development
  • Production/Manufacturing
  • Real-time product temperature monitoring
  • Hot & cold spot monitoring
  • Lyo-cycle optimization
  • Options for scale-up & transfer
  • Data for regulatory submission

Tempris® Wireless Sensors eliminate the need for thermocouple wires that are typically difficult to position, which causes issues with product sterility, resulting in unreliable data. With no wires, Tempris® Wireless Sensors are fully compatible with cleanroom systems protected by Restricted Access Barriers (RABs) – for unparalleled product protection throughout the entire production process.

Tempris® Wireless Sensors assembly for product temperature measurement. Image supplied by kind permission of Tempris® GmbH

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable data for process monitoring. Direct product temperature measurement with hot and cold spot monitoring means you learn more about the critical parameters contributing to lyophilization success
  • Scalable technology. Can be used in any freeze dryer, simplifying the transition from development to production 
  • Prevents contamination. Wireless, cleanable and sterilizable sensors for use in aseptic manufacturing