Hull i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine

If you need a consistent, reliable and secure capping solution, the Hull i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine is here to help. Designed to slot into your fill-finish workflow with ease, our linear capping machine is fully compatible with advanced aseptic processing such as restricted access barrier systems (RABs) or isolator enclosures – so you can be totally confident in your vial sterility.

  • Compact design – save valuable footprint 
  • Versatile – suitable for ophthalmic and oral applications
  • Compliant – systems are 21 CFR Part 11 package and audit trail capable

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To protect your product against potential contaminants, vials must be properly sealed and capped. At ATS Scientific Products, we know that a well-designed capping machine is essential to ensure the quality and integrity of your product. And minimized rejections make for a more efficient, safe, and cost-effective manufacturing workflow. The Hull i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine can process up to 200 caps per minute. Being fully compatible with RABs and isolators means it is ideal for the containment and sterility required during your aseptic processing. 

Application Examples

  • Pharmaceutical Processing – Ophthalmic & Oral Pharmaceuticals

Applying just the right amount of pressure and rest assured they’ll be no inadvertent breakages or leakages, because our systems allow you to control vertical compression force with ease.

  • For crimp capping, a PLC-controlled servo drive provides continuous feedback to ensure your cap is applied with just the right pressure
  • Where screw caps are required, you can monitor and record application torques using our optional strain gauge – giving you increased assurance that your vials are protected

For a powerful, full-line solution, you can integrate the Hull i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine with a vial washer, depyrogenation tunnel, filling/stoppering machine, freeze dryer and freeze dryer loading systems, external vial washers, and tray loaders. With help from our subject matter experts and dedicated engineers, you can configure the Hull i-Dositecno LI-C Linear Capping Machine to meet your exact needs.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • No space too small – the compact design is suitable for almost all manufacturing facilities
  • Dependable vial protection – stringent vertical force and torque control during crimp and screw capping applications
  • Compliant with manufacturing regulations – 21 CFR Part 11 package and audit trail capable
  • Built with longevity in mind – manufactured using premium stainless steel