Genevac Rocket Synergy 2 Benchtop Evaporator

Gain momentum with our high-speed benchtop evaporator. Whatever your research or laboratory needs, the Genevac Rocket Synergy 2 evaporator is designed to expedite your workflow with minimal hands-on time.

  • Dry or concentrate up to six flasks each containing a maximum of 450 mL of solvent, or 18 ASE® vials
  • Dri-Pure® anti-bumping technology
  • Patented vacuum technology evaporates solutions rapidly and safely
  • Interchangeable rotors to give flexibility with sample format

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Focus on generating high-quality science and let our Rocket Synergy 2 do the hard work for you! 

The Genevac Rocket Synergy 2 was designed with your time in mind. Never has solvent evaporation been so easy thanks to walk-away automation, easy to use controls, and interchangeable rotors that allow you to process sample volumes of up to 5 L. 

Application Examples

  • Parallel Chemistry
  • Food & Beverage
  • Natural Products Research
  • Post Purification Sample Handling
  • Oils, Fuels and Fats
  • Environmental Testing

Auto-draining, frost-free solvent condenser, collects all solvents as liquids. Combined with our auto-draining and low-pressure steam heating technology, your evaporation process is faster and more precise than ever before.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Semi-automated from start to finish, saving you valuable time
  • Compact design – the Rocket Synergy 2 takes the place of several rotary evaporators, freeing up precious lab space
  • Keeps precious samples safe – Dri-Pure® technology eliminates foaming, bumping and cross-contamination
  • Flip-flop™ and SampleGenie™ enable samples to be concentrated or dried directly in storage or autosampler vials, increasing sample recovery and improving inter-sample reproducibility
  • Simplified data transfer – upload/download data via USB key
  • Real-time viewing – on-board strobe means that you can view each of the six flask positions
  • Unparalleled solvent recovery – a powerful recirculating chiller is now available for the Rocket Synergy 2 evaporator