Genevac miVac Centrifugal Evaporator

The modular Genevac miVac centrifugal evaporators can be easily configured to provide you with exactly what you need.

  • Flexible system and pump options – Interchangeable aluminum rotor mean there’s a solution for every application
  • Uniquely designed SpeedTrap™ condenser
  • Options for the pressure controller and freeze-drying option
  • Intuitive set-up – results made simple
  • Efficient – up to 40% faster than comparable machines
  • Space saving – compact design to save on valuable bench space

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Take control and customize your workflow with our innovative modular miVac system. Suitable for use with a wide range of solvents, from volatile organic solvents through to water and many medium boiling point solvents. Depending on the solvent boiling point there are three pump options to select, all dry pumps with easy maintenance. The miVac SpeedTrap™ is compact and a stand-alone condenser. This unique design allows to trap all solvent vapor and perfect in a fume hood or on the bench. 

Application Examples

  • Clinical & Diagnostics Testing
  • DNA & Oligonucleotides
  • Proteins & Peptides
  • Molecular Biology

There are 3 Genevac miVac evaporator options:

  • miVac DNA – an integrated system capable of removing small amounts of water and volatile organic solvents that typically interfere with downstream processes including PCR and NGS
  • DUO – compatible with variety of sample formats including tubes, vials, centrifuge tubes, microplates and more; making it an ideal “work-horse” concentrator
  • Quattro – double the capacity of the Duo concentrator for high-throughput evaporation

Simple UI with built-in methods make this unit easy to use and ideal for multi-user labs. There is a sample rotor for almost any sample format, such as, microcentrifuge tubes, conical or other plastic tubes, glass vials, and shallow- or deep-well microplates, so you can be sure there’s an Genevac miVac centrifugal evaporator suitable for most applications.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled temperature control allows use with a wide variety of solvents
  • Quality as standard – heat & run timers ensure you get high-quality results each and every time
  • Freeze dry very low volumes of water with our novel miVac SpeedTrap™
  • Efficient design – our robust aluminum JetRotors improve speed and performance
  • No disruption – miVac concentrators are extremely quiet when in use
  • Environmentally friendly

Installation and Tips & Tricks Videos

SP Genevac miVac Sample Concentrator – Installation Guide

SP Genevac miVac Sample Concentrator – Tips & Tricks