FTS Vapor Trap – Refrigerated Vacuum Cold Trap

Eliminate harmful vapors and forget equipment downtime thanks to the FTS Refrigerated Cold Trap. Extend the life of expensive vacuum pumps with our reliable, trusted vapor trap. 

Available in 2-, 4-, and 8-liter condenser configurations with maximum low temperature options of -50°C or -90°C, you can be sure there’s a vapor trap to suit all your needs. Built with your needs in mind, features include: 

  • Mechanical refrigeration – eliminate the cost and hazards associated with dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • Compact benchtop – save precious laboratory space

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A refrigerated cold trap designed to work around you. The FTS Refrigerated Cold Trap is a stainless-steel Dewar with mechanically refrigerated walls that allow efficient vapor trapping without the need for expendable refrigerants. Not only does the vapor trap cut costs through its mechanical refrigeration, but it also protects your vacuum pumps by preventing harmful vapors from getting into the pump and causing failure.

The perfect device for a multitude of applications, the system will trap all condensable vapors with freezing points higher than the operating temperature of the vapor trap in a highly efficient and energy-saving manner.

Application Examples

  • Vacuum Pump Protection
  • Parylene Coating
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition
  • Vacuum Oven & Dryer Integration
  • Gas Stream Dehydration

The FTS Refrigerated Cold Traps can be utilized in vapor streams with vacuum pumps up to 250 liters/minute or 9 standard cubic feet/minute. Particularly suitable for any application where oil-sealed vacuum pumps need protection from potentially harmful condensable vapors.

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Forget expensive and hazardous refrigerants – mechanical refrigeration eliminates the need for dry ice and liquid nitrogen
  • Flexible – 50°C or -90°C trapping temperatures and 2-, 4- or 8-liter capacity to meet your exact research requirements
  • Compact design – save space
  • Keeping cool – efficient cooling with the direct expansion of refrigerant in refrigeration lines directly bonded to the outside of the chamber walls
  • Easy-to-use – digital temperature readout with simple, one-touch operation