FTS RS Series Recirculating Chiller

Flexible recirculating chillers that suit your needs. Discover the FTS RS Series Benchtop Chiller, the perfect partner for all of your laboratory and industrial applications, offering precise temperature control and accurate data collection from wherever you are. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that you have the right tools for the job. The FTS RS Series is:

  • Safe and cost-effective – eliminate the need for expendable refrigerants with mechanical refrigeration
  • Compact – benchtop design saves lab space without compromising on quality

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The FTS RS Series of recirculating chillers includes the RS33, RS33 low temperature, RS44 and RS44 low temperature systems. These are all bench top recirculating chillers with a maximum low of -10°C (-40°C for low temperature systems) and a maximum high of +35°C (+75°C high temperature option on the RS33). FTS recirculating chillers provide highly efficient and cost effective heat removal by means of a constant flow of clean temperature-controlled fluid.

Application Examples

  • Aerospace Testing
  • Defense
  • Reaction Vessels
  • Process Cooling
  • OEM Applications
  • Industrial type compact chiller for benchtop or under counter operation
  • Mechanically refrigerated with optimal heat removal capacity to decrease test time
  • Precise temperature control and stability

Additional Details

Features & Benefits

  • Wide temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C (with low and high temperature options)
  • Remote communication with RS232 Interface
  • Centrifugal or positive displacement pumps
  • Mechanical refrigeration eliminates the need for expendable cryogens such as liquid nitrogen or dry ice